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Adjusting Eco-King H model priority setting for domestic hot water

How to guide to connect tank sensor (10k ohm resistance signal) to Eco-King H model boilers, then how to set priority programming. Watch from start to learn where to connect sensor onto the boiler. Fast forward to 01:22 for directions on how to set priority only.

Meet the Eco-King - Overview

Some possible systems Eco-King products can be used in.

City of Vancouver policies impact local manufacturing industry

Fortis Gas video on impact of natural gas "ban" in the City of Vancouver.

Eco King Boiler full start up: Calibration and change of CH supply temperature

How to start up an Eco King boiler from plugging it in thru calibration and setting central heating supply temperatures.

How to Replace Your Boiler's Fan

For cases where boiler fan needs replaced

Quick Tip: Change Mode between "Eco" and "Comfort"

showing 7 to 12 of 13 on page 2
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