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Eco-King Supreme boiler is revised for 2024

Eco-King Supreme is the most serviceable residential boiler unit on the market. Being manufactured since 2010 and sold over 25,000 units in various climate markets, King Heating Products started a project in 2023 to revise certain features of our successful Supreme line of Eco-King boilers. A lot of the amazing features that made our Supreme boilers easy to install and the most serviceable unit on the market remain, but some revisions have been made. We feel these revisions will make installation and servicing that much easier for technicians. Our product revisions were engineered in Europe, but our boilers continue to proudly be Made in Canada. These revisions include: - New ¾” NPT tappings - Dedicated supply and return connections to an indirect tank on H model boilers - 4 new easier to diagnose sensors for dhw temperature, CH return temp, pressure and DHW flow Brass hydroblock for extra durability - Brass hydroblock for extra durability - Up to 20% hydrogen fuel compatibility Same control features that have allowed us to be one of the hydronic heating industries leading boilers.

King Heating Products Announces its Partnership with Immerfin Group, Italy

New products this partnership intends to bring to market includes hybrid and all electric heat pumps, boilers using hydrogen gas, and solar appliances. The Immerfin group of Brescello, Italy is an Italian-owned multinational controlled by the Amadei and Carra families. Immerfin ranks among the worlds leading players for domestic heating and hot water with its brands Immergas.

Eco-King's electric hot water tanks enter mass market in North America

King Heating Products Inc., started its foray into electrification for home hot water needs two years ago. We introduced our high efficient stainless Electric water heaters to the North America market. Our experience and customer feedback has led us to promote distribution of our tanks to the North American mass market. Our tanks come with single or dual elements in 3kw or 5kw, 52 or 90usg capacity and provide three features that set them apart from standard electric tanks. Limited lifetime warranty, high efficiency and superior performance of hot water production.

King Heating Products attends the CMPX 2022 Show in Toronto

Eco-King: Company Profile

Our Canadian-made heating products line includes boilers ranging from 99,000 to 499,000 BTU for residential and commercial applications, high efficient unit heaters, stainless steel and glass lined hot water tanks, plastic vent products and more.

Eco-King High Efficient, Stainless Steel, Electric Hot Water Tank

  • MORE HOT WATER due to higher internal temperature (75°C) combined with a highly efficient mixing valve which prevents scalding.
  • PRO INSULATION with the use of NANOPUR™ ensures minimal heat loss and class leading energy efficiency.
  • EVERLAST™ titanium alloyed stainless steel combined with the unique ULTRAWELD™ welding process and state-of-the-art passivation process ensures class-leading corrosion resistance.
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