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Customer Review / Testimonial

Not only because of a great product but an awesome team!

Review for Eco-King Supreme Residential On-Demand Boiler & Combi Boiler

Date: July 1, 2021Written by: Russel JosephFrom: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I want to say that you’re help desk for trouble shooting was a great experience. I called late in the day around 2pm and talked with Bill first who was very good and informative. I had a couple of challenging questions on my customers unit I was having trouble with that he was helping me with.

Eventually he had Chad then talk with me on the system and roughly around 4pm maybe a little later we were able to correct all the issues. My customer was greatly appreciative to have her system corrected after suffering for over a few months and multiple visits from other techs.

During the call neither Bill or Chad rushed the call with me and I sensed they would have stayed on the phone all night to help me correct the system. This was a great experience and will be suggesting you’re product to my customers going forward.

Not only because of a great product but an awesome team!

Russel Joseph
Modern Niagara