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Customer Review / Testimonial

Incredible service on Saturday morning

Date: October 25, 2019Written by: Warren H. WongFrom: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

We were desperate. Our Eco King Boiler stopped providing us hot water and heat just before Thanksgiving weekend. A service tech from a company, who I will not mention, worked with Eco King on the phone and it was determined that the circuit board needed to be replaced. Waited three days for the part. The same tech spent three hours to install the new board, clean two Eco King boiler and try to get the broken boiler started. No success, but still had to pay $1K.

We were desperate. Called King Heating Products since they manufacture Eco King boilers on a Saturday morning. Voice mail greeting was the President of the company. I thought this was pretty cool. Left a message not expecting a call back until Monday if I was lucky. Nope, Chad Euverman the President himself called back that Saturday morning and walked me through on the phone to fire up my boiler. He was patient and very clear with his instructions over the phone. It was a matter of switching a component from the old circuit board to the new one. If it was not for Chad's help I would have paid more tech hours and from that tech's recommendation switch the gas regulator. I was very impressed with Chad. He helped overt going down a needless and costly path for us. Thanks Chad. My wife and I look forward to thanking you in person.