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Customer Review / Testimonial

After 9 years of searching for a dependable product I found the Eco King product line

Review for Eco-King Supreme Residential On-Demand Boiler & Combi Boiler

Date: April 2, 2018Written by: John DeManFrom: DeMan on Demand, British Columbia, Canada

I have been a plumbing and gas service provider for almost 40 years and working on the multitude of different condensing wall boilers available. I was beginning to think that the industry was losing it's touch and was no longer able to manufacture a product that could operate long term without break downs.

After roughly 9 years of searching for a dependable product I could have confidence in, I found the Eco King product line.

I did a 1 year pilot project on the C200 boiler to see if it met my expectations, and was very pleased with the result and positve customer feedback. Since then, I have installed nearly a dozen (mainly C140's) for numerous applications, and I am thrilled to say, they are all performing wonderfully! After an exhaustive search, I can attest that I have found my product of choice and have absolutely no interest in purchasing any of the others. I would encourage anyone looking for this type of heating appliance to do the same.