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Update on Eco-King's business a year after the COVID pandemic started

Date Posted : March 16, 2021

Posted in : News and Events

Like a lot of business' Eco-King started the pandemic a year ago skeptical how business would continue on, especially since our traditional model focused on in person sales and training.

After a couple weeks however, our business took off and we actually had our best year to date manufacturing our Made in Canada boilers. There have been issues in shipping due to COVID limiting shipping routes, but we managed these hiccups and shipped the most product ever in a one year timeframe.

With continued success of our stainless steel indirect we have developed and will come to market this Spring 2021 with a line of 52 and 80usg single or dual element stainless steel electric tanks. More information will follow as we launch the product.

We thank everyone who joined our virtual training and information sessions as well as our customers for their loyal support even though we have only been able to meet virtually.

COVID has kept us from doing the type of personal touch and service we pride ourselves on for a year now and we look forward to hopefully resuming that style of sales and service in the near future.