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Introducing Eco-King Mobile Live Fire Training Unit

Date Posted : September 23, 2020

Posted in : News and Events

We have our H100 Eco-King Supreme boiler and EK 42 Stainless Steel Indirect tank paired together. With social distancing rules taking affect for the foreseeable future we created a life fire unit that allows us to bring our boiler Training to you.

King Heating is proud to announce that we now have a mobile live fire training unit.

Are you a boiler installation company and/or installer and would like to learn the following about products:

  1. Applications to use our boilers and tanks
  2. Proper installation techniques
  3. Start up procedure
  4. Cleaning and maintenance
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Installation errors to avoid

If you want to set up this type of training at your location or a neutral location in your city, please reach out to us.